I love stories.

I love hearing them, on a podcast or in one of the dozens of shows I serial-watch on Netflix. I love telling them, whether I'm performing stories of Indian mythology through movement as a dancer or playing violin in an orchestra to illustrate the joy of a little girl on Christmas Eve or pain of a mother losing her child through music. A director of an orchestra I performed in once told me that when Beethoven was losing his hearing, he wanted the stories in his music to be told so badly that he lay on the ground to hear the vibrations of different notes on the piano when perfecting his compositions. Some stories ache and beg to be told.

I got my first camera (or rather, permanently "borrowed" my mom's camera) my first year of college, in 2013, the same year George Zimmerman was acquitted in the murder of Trayvon Martin, the same year the Supreme Court struck down the federal law defining marriage as between a man and a woman. News outlets across the county were telling wildly different stories of the same events and it became abundantly clear to me that who was telling stories and how they were telling them mattered as much as the stories themselves. My passion for activism and photography were sparked at the same time- I grabbed my camera, hoping to tell stories of women, immigrants, people of color like me and haven't put it down since.

Do you want to tell a story together? 

Use the form below to let me know if you'd like to shoot some time! If you would like more information, contact me at kiranmisra@uchicago.edu.


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